Spain and France will lead the One Planet Sustainable Tourism program created by the United Nations to promote the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal number 12 – focused on sustainable production and consumption – in the sector, as agreed in the last Executive Council of the World Organization of tourism.

The program intends to act together with governments, destinations and tourism companies to achieve the objective of reducing the impact of tourism on the environment through the reduction of the use of natural resources and the production of waste. In this way, the future growth of tourism will be compatible with the fight against climate change and the maintenance of biodiversity.

For the Secretary of State for Tourism, Isabel Oliver, “it is essential that all actors in the tourism sector work together to ensure their long-term sustainability, since it is a constantly growing industry. Spain has the opportunity to lead the future change of tourism towards a model that does not compromise the enjoyment of the planet by future generations. This responsibility is a recognition of the excellence and influence of Spain as a world tourism power ”.

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