A total of 75 companies are part of the Grouped Pavilion as the Spanish bet within this fair and representing sectors such as olive oil, meat products, confectionery and bakery, wine and alcoholic beverages, sauces and condiments, table olives, preserves of vegetables, dairy products, snack products or bottled beverages, among others.

The Fair, which this year celebrates its 65th edition, is the traditional gateway to gourmet and delicatessen stores for our country's products, one of the most outstanding on the East Coast of the United States and in which Spanish industries seek to consolidate and expand its presence in the country.

As a novelty in this edition, ICEX, in collaboration with FIAB, has developed a gastronomic space within the Spanish Pavilion. A more dynamic showcase that prints even more visibility and value to the Spanish cuisine and is receiving a great reception among professionals who come to this fair as Whole Foods, Trader Joe's, Zabar's, Central Market or Starbucks, among others.

In 2018 sales to this country reached a value of 1,728 million euros, representing 5.7% of total exports. The evolution of this market is still very positive, however, the tariff policies of the US government have slowed down the growth dynamics that the North American country maintained for the Spanish and European sector.

The United States continues to be the main destination for Spanish food and beverages after the European Union, and the sixth worldwide. This market concentrates the interest of Spanish companies, which allows it to stand out as one of the priority destinations for exports.

Precisely, FIAB finds in activities like the Summer Fancy Food a great opportunity to strengthen the positioning of the Spanish quality offer for a public interested in products of great added value.

"The United States is a key trading partner and we need to redouble our efforts in consolidating our presence there. Presenting our products as a differentiated offer, of quality and of great variety and richness are the arguments that will allow to consolidate a strategic market for the sector, "said Mauricio Garcia de Quevedo, CEO of FIAB.

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