Like autumn leaves, we flew to León to visit one of the most traditional specialized bookstores in the town: Elektra Leon. We put the mask and gel on our hands and open the door of the store, which has been under the current owner for 23 years. Are you coming with us?

Upon entering, we are greeted by the lovely Alicia, who started in the “bounce business, since I started working at Elektra Madrid, which had this store in León. After a year, I kept it and I couldn't have had a better profession ».

The interior of the beautiful bookstore is full of light, colors and music and you can enjoy a bit of everything: »we not only sell comics, we also sell records, vinyl records, and a wonderful music book section. Also books on illustration, film, photography and selected novels. Here everything is chosen to offer the best ».

Alicia is clear that the customer is the protagonist of her store: «we do everything possible to achieve what the customer is looking for. Personal attention is a trademark of the house ». The visitors to his reign are varied, such as the genres that the comic plays “we have a great audience that ranges from very young kids looking for their manga and superheroes to collectors dedicated to their hobby of years ago. There is a loyal audience but people we don't know anything about come in every day, which I think is absolutely great.

Thank you very much, Alicia, for your kindness and attention. See you soon at Elektra León!

Your favorite series or comic edited by Planeta Cómic is …

Everything from Alan Moore or Taniguchi. And the Creepys! (I'm a classic)

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Physical address: Calle Comandante Zorita, 4, 24004 León

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