Speech by the acting Minister of Defense at the Military Easter of 2020

"Lord: I would like to express first of all my best wishes of health and happiness for Your Majesty, Your Family and for all Spaniards, in this year that we have just opened. It is not a traditional formula, but the best expression of sincere feelings towards Your Majesty born of deep appreciation and respect.

You have summoned us to this traditional Military Easter and here is a broad representation of the Armed Forces, Civil Guard, and of whom we are lucky enough to lead them. We do it honored to attend your message and express to Your Majesty, our permanent commitment to service to Spain and the Spanish.

Allow me to begin by paying tribute to all those members of the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard, who gave their lives or were injured in an act of service, especially during the last year. We want to convey our recognition for their dedication to the service of all Spaniards and our love to all their families, who in these days so marked, suffer especially their absence. They should know that their delivery and their example, are for everyone a firm incentive to continue working and defending those values ​​that moved their ideals and commitments.

We also especially remember today, all the military and civil guards who, in these very marked days, inside and outside our borders, carry out their work, guaranteeing our rights, defense and security. We thank you for your service, because you contribute in an unparalleled and often unknown way, to living in a more just, free and safe society.

I am obviously forced to make a special memory and have that special memory for our troops in Iraq in these complicated days. They know that we feel very close to them and that their safety is our main effort while we admire, admire, their responsible sense of duty and generosity with the international community.

This celebration is a good occasion to offer an analysis of what has been accomplished and to advance the challenges and objectives of the future, in line with the words that His Majesty has been directing us, since his first Military Easter, now five years ago.

A characteristic of the Ministry of Defense is that it exercises its tasks and develops the objectives of the Defense policy, understanding it as State Policy, thus seeking to keep it from partisan disputes, and seeking consensus and the sum, as more effective tools. All, all, must therefore be united in one objective: to have an Armed Forces adapted to the new times and prepared for the fulfillment of the assigned missions, in defense of our constitutional values, which are the patrimony of all and of those so proud we feel; also in defense of peace, freedom and security both in Spain and in the world.

Sir, during this year we have had two major events that are the cause of celebration: the 175th anniversary of the Civil Guard and the V centenary of the beginning of the first circumnavigation of the Globe.

The Civil Guard knows that we Spaniards admire, respect and feel deeply attached to it. All the Spanish people.

With your encouragement, activities have also been developed and coordinated to celebrate the historic event that represents the V Centenary of the expedition of Magellan and Elcano. A feat in which cultures and knowledge were interconnected, and that seen from the current perspective, amazes by its magnitude, and makes us proud. Like the Elcano deed, our military history is a story of courage and willpower, a permanent reminder that effort and overcoming are always guarantees of success.

The legacy of the Fifth Centenary is perfectly recognizable today. And it is the best story we should convey to young generations.

A Spain, our Spain, open and large in its diversity. A Spain, our Spain, which combines the audacity and vision that leads us to address new challenges, with the prudence and efficiency that allow us to reach a good port.

An inclusive Spain that demands the effort and constructive collaboration of all, because of all, without exclusions, it is.

The commitment and generosity of which the Armed Forces and Civil Guard show their missions are a good example of this.

A few months ago the thirtieth anniversary of the participation of the Spanish Armed Forces in peace missions was fulfilled. Always protected by international legality, our military exports the best values ​​of our society; protect the most vulnerable populations; create secure environments that allow to open a space for politics; ensuring the distribution of humanitarian aid and guaranteeing the exercise of universal rights. And they do it in a

passionate, selfless and service delivery way, aware that their efforts produce multiplier effects on the safety of their countrymen. With that same spirit in Spain and beyond it, the Military Emergency Unit relieves suffering and comforts those who have lost almost everything in exceptionally adverse circumstances. We will never forget those emotional images of unity between our Armies and the citizenship that our Armies serve.

The men and women of our Armed Forces are their main bulwark. To all of them we reiterate our gratitude without limit. We also want to recognize the Professional Associations of the Armed Forces, which represented in the Personnel Council have contributed their contributions to the processing of the Ministry's regulations that affect the personnel regime and to advance in the improvement of professional conditions.

I cannot fail to mention the effort that we are making and that we will continue to make in order to strengthen a social policy within the Armed Forces, mainly as regards the support of personnel in all aspects. Important steps continue to be taken to improve the reconciliation of family, personal and professional life, also continuing the important momentum in terms of equality.

We are aware that much remains to be done and that the effort and dedication of the men and women of the Armed Forces and Civil Guard deserve all our efforts. That nobody, nobody, doubts that within our possibilities, these men and women and their families, will always be our priority, with a firm commitment to maximize the talent and vocation of service in accordance with the missions and needs of an Armed Forces modern, technologically advanced and adapted to the objectives of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.

On the other hand, Majesty, as I said, Spain is responsible for its defense and security and assumes its responsibility in solidarity with its allies and with international organizations in which the defense of peace, stability and progress require it.

Spain is and will continue to be the firm, serious and committed ally that is committed to multilateralism and is an essential reference in the development of security and defense policies, both in the European Union and in NATO, whose 70th anniversary we have celebrated.

I can not fail to mention, in addition, the commitment of Spain, to lead and implement the Women, Peace and Security Agenda of the United Nations, helping women in conflict zones, become authentic agents of peace in compliance with Resolution 13 25 of the United Nations, because without women it will not be impossible to achieve a firm and lasting peace.

Sir, in line with the constant need for modernization, the effort to invest in military capabilities resulting from Defense planning continues. It is also decisive to devote resources to the maintenance of capacities and the ordinary functioning of the Armies, Navy and the Civil Guard. For this, we work to achieve maximum efficiency in management and achieve sufficient and stable financing, the result of the necessary consensus among all parliamentary political forces, to have the Armed Forces that Spain needs: An authentic State policy, of which no one it must, nor can it be excluded and that will also strengthen our national defense industry, with the consequent and essential creation of qualified jobs. A policy and an industry that are examples in addition to the European union in projects such as PESCO or in the field of the future fighter plane, which makes Spain, France and Germany become a mandatory international reference.

In parallel we will continue to advance in innovation, as some technologies are modifying the behavior of our society and also security and defense. It will be a challenge, to adapt the planning, to the innovation and to the needs of the new technological scenarios: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Space Systems and Quantum Computing will be the new technological concepts that will mark the development of future capabilities.

In addition, the spatial strategies of the European Union and NATO coincide in the need to protect society from threats that come from space. Given this new operational domain, it must innovate and act together with civil society and industry.

Majesty, we are sure that we have the encouragement and recognition of Spanish society. The symbiosis between the Armed Forces and Spanish society as a part of them is total.

A Spain of which we are proud and that demands effort, generosity, height of sight and defense of the general interest. A Spain that is reflected in the values ​​that our Constitution proclaims and that is projected, and will continue to be projected in the world as a historical, cultural, scientific and technological reference, the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard being some of its best manifestations .

I finish Majesty; These are our Armed Forces and Civil Guard, which you know well, and to which, as you well know, we thank you daily for your effort and dedication. Those who integrate them feel the complete satisfaction for the duty fulfilled and the illusion of facing those new challenges and challenges that are yet to come and that we are going to face together.

A duty that our Armed Forces, and I attest to it and say it with honor and pride, fulfill effectively, discreetly and selflessly, with genuine will to service. They know that they have all the Spaniards at their side and they know that they also have the invaluable reference of Your permanent example, encouragement and support.

Thank my Lord".

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