Residents in Spain made 41.8 million trips in the first quarter of the year, 2.8% more than in the same period of 2018, while their total expenditure amounted to 8,317 million euros (+ 4.4%) , according to data from the Survey of Tourism of Residents (FAMILITUR) that elaborates the National Institute of Statistics.

From January to March, 90.4% of trips had the national territory as the main destination (+ 2.1%) and the remaining 9.6%, foreign countries (+ 9.7%). Travel for leisure, recreation and holidays are still the main reason for displacement in 44.5% of cases (+ 6.6%).

For the acting Minister of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, these data demonstrate "the strength of the Spanish tourism sector, with tourism of residents on the rise, with greater number of trips abroad and with higher levels of profitability."

With regard to spending, in trips with national destination rose by 5.1% and those made abroad by 3.1%. The average daily expenditure was 53 euros for journeys to internal destinations and 107 euros for trips abroad.

The main autonomous communities of destination of the trips of the residents in the first quarter of 2019 were Andalusia, (17.1% of the total), Catalonia (13.1%) and Comunidad Valenciana and Castilla y León (both with 8, 9% of the total).

Balance of 2018

According to provisional data, last year residents in Spain made 197.5 million trips, 2% more than in 2017. Overnight stays associated with these trips reached 801.9 million, equaling the 2017 figure.

On the other hand, spending grew by 6.5% to 47,087.9 million euros, reaching a new record and improving the profitability of the sector.

90.2% of trips had as main destination Spain and 9.8% abroad. The trips with internal destination accumulated 81.0% of the overnight stays and 65.8% of the total expense, with a daily average cost of 48 euros.

On the contrary, trips abroad accounted for 19.0% of overnight stays and 34.2% of total expenses, with an average daily expenditure of 106 euros. The main reasons for traveling were leisure (51.0% of the total) and visits to relatives or friends (35.7%).

Andalusia was the most visited destination in 2018 with 16.6% of total trips, followed by Catalonia (12.8%) and Comunidad Valenciana (9.9%). The highest average daily expenses were in trips to the Balearic Islands (75 euros), Comunidad de Madrid (74) and Canarias (68).

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