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NEWS | 07/16/2019 | Bárbara Jiménez

With Raúl González at the helm, the subsidiary completed its first pre-season training at Ciudad Real Madrid.

It is already underway Real Madrid Castilla of the season 2019/20. Raúl González, In his first campaign at the head of the subsidiary, he directed the first training of the course in Ciudad Real Madrid, where the players received the visit from Ramón Martínez, Soccer director.

Beside Raul, the coaching staff will consist of Alberto Garrido, who will act as second coach; Nacho Sancho, in the post of physical trainer; Mario Soria, as goalkeeper coach; Y Víctor Paredes as a retrofit. The Castile you know the calendar official of Group I of the Second Division B and has confirmed for the moment eight friendlies in this preseason.

-May 24/7: Segovian gymnastics-Castile (The Albuera).
-Saturday 27/7: Mirandés-Castile (Anduva).
-Thursday 1/8: Manolo Martín Trophy, Pontevedra-Castile (Baltar Field).
-Saturday 3/8: Lugo-Castile (Cantarrana)
-May 7/8: Castile-Alcorcón (Alfredo Di Stéfano).
-Saturday 10/8: Tenerife-Castile (Heliodoro Rodríguez)
-May 14/8: Cultural and Sports Leonesa-Castile (Kingdom of León).
-Sunday 18/8: Burgos-Castile (The Plantio).

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