The Spanish businessmen represented by CEOE and CEPYME consider that the new measures in the labor sphere approved this Friday in the extraordinary Council of Ministers will prevent laying the foundations for the necessary economic recovery in Spain and will ultimately lead to a higher level of unemployment .

From CEOE and CEPYME we warn that, waiting to be able to know all the details, they do not go in the right direction, but, on the contrary, they will be detrimental to the economic balance, the health of the public accounts, considerably increasing the deficit, and they will significantly reduce investor confidence, which are critical to the financial stability and economic recovery of this country.

Furthermore, when a large number of companies, especially SMEs and the self-employed, are struggling to avoid closure in a context that is already announced of a global recession, we strongly reject that the Government tries to cast suspicion and mistrust on the business community. We believe that precisely at this time the situation requires joint efforts and unity of action.

We want to make it clear that our will above all, in these moments of crisis for COVID-19, is to sustain the economy and employment, and for this reason, we are pushing to avoid an even greater halt in business activity, always prioritizing, How could it be otherwise, the safety and health of citizens.

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