CEOE and Cepyme consider that the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy commits a serious error in disseminating a guide for action in the workplace in relation to the coronavirus that generates alert and confusion as it does not correspond to the risk assessment carried out by the Ministry of Health.

In addition, it has not counted on the participation of companies and unions, despite the fact that we had previously requested it, thereby contributing to greater uncertainty.

The businessmen have been working for weeks in the prevention and containment of the risk of contagion at the hands of the Ministry of Health and in perfect coordination with the rest of the social partners and other necessary agents throughout the national territory, as it is of a public health issue.

With this initiative, which we understand responds to the political rhythm, the ministry ignores the social partners and leaves aside the necessary protection of companies at a transcendent moment, publishing a document during the afternoon without even having previously communicated it to the organizations that make up social dialogue.

Thus, the document of the Ministry of Labor does not provide any novelty to guarantee the health of working people or to minimize the impact on economic activity.

It is limited to the transcription of norms and procedures that are unsuitable for hypothetical emergency situations for reasons of public health risk. Neither does it respond to the cases of sudden drop in activity or lack of supplies that are already affecting numerous sectors and companies, and therefore we urgently request that exceptional measures be taken to protect companies in this situation within the framework of social dialogue. and in coordination with all the competent ministries.

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