Since the beginning of this month I have the honor of being in charge of the presidency of the Provincial Executive Committee of VOX Zaragoza, after having the support of the militancy. I am accompanied by Carlos Falcón as vice president and Eva María Torres as secretary-treasurer. The members are Ángel Larraz, Carmen Rouco and Marisa Gaspar. As we said on this same website.

It is undeniable that these are difficult moments that we are living as a society. Conditioned by the pandemic and with economic consequences that will be devastating. Perhaps we are not even aware of how much it will cost us to recover.

Those of us who hold positions of responsibility in politics should be required, and we assume it with the greatest of responsibilities, that work to ensure the welfare of the hairdresser to whose establishment we go every month, with the teachers of our children's school and with the couple who just bought a house and start paying the mortgage.

In short, investment, employment and health must go hand in hand and will be the foundations of our line of action.

We want to reach every corner serving the people of Zaragoza. The doors of my office are always open to all associations, entities and the media. To be able to assess and debate the concerns that concern us in our province and find solutions. It will not be for lack of commitment.

Sincerely, Julio Calvo.

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