The Spanish Minister of Economy and Competitiveness, Luis de Guindos, and the German Vice-Chancellor and Minister of Economy and Technology, Philipp Rösler, met today in Madrid to study the possibilities of expanding trade relations between the two countries. They also discussed the measures to be taken in the European Union to improve competitiveness and the economic situation and restore growth.

According to Rösler, “Spanish exports have been very successful in recent months, including those destined for the German market. We are convinced that this demonstrates the competitiveness and potential of Spanish companies, which will contribute decisively to the recovery of the Spanish economy ”.

Minister De Guindos explained to his German colleague the National Plan for Structural Reforms that the Spanish Government has adopted and that includes important measures to return to the path of solid growth and job creation. Rösler, for his part, expressed his support for this ambitious plan of measures.

De Guindos added that “it is important to combat the budget deficit to create favorable conditions for economic growth. We agree that this is the right way to regain well-being and employment. "

The two ministers agreed that it is necessary to move forward without hesitation in economic and political integration in Europe.

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