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The Health spokesperson in the VOX Parliamentary Group and doctor, Juan Luis Steegmann, has questioned this Thursday the new Secretary of State for Health, who has appeared in Congress to explain the General State Budgets in the Ministry of Health.

"It seems," Steegmann lamented, "that these budgets were made after the first wave and that optimistic scenario certainly does not correspond to our opinion, nor to that of the governor of the Bank of Spain." “They have not taken into account the fact that we are in the midst of an epidemic, a second wave and we do not know if there will be a third and that requires government leadership – you have it with Royal Decree 21/20 – and you should have attending to what matters most: early diagnosis, case detection, tracking and prevention ", has detailed the doctor and member of VOX, who has described the Budgets as" irresponsible, based on non-credible income. "

After pointing out that this growth in the Budget "is subject to the execution of the European funds programs" – "and how are we going to believe that you are going to carry out an effective implementation of the European programs if you have been unable to create a database? common? How are we going to trust that they are able to meet the requirements of the European Union when there are countries that want to have an excuse for not giving us money? »- he lamented the failed calculations of the Health Budget.

The Ministry allocates 97 million euros for diagnostic tests and EPIs. "Only in masks for doctors and nurses of the National Health System we would spend 110 million euros," explained Steegmann, who recalled that we must add the material for assistants and orderlies. Nor do the numbers add up as far as detection tests are concerned: “If they were to do a monthly antigen test, the cost in 2021 would be 25 million euros. But it is in the protection policy and population diagnosis strategy where these Budgets fail the most: they were carried out in June, when the presumed doctor Simón said that we had to have fun … and so we are ».

In reference to Fernando Simón, Steegmann has demanded that the Secretary of State for Health condemn the words of the health emergency doctor: «I don't know how many nurses you have, but a first gesture could be to censure Mr. Simón, despite his Apologies regarding this absolutely rude offense from the nurses. I feel ashamed that a doctor has made such a rude comment about a profession that gives everything for the Spanish. You would demand immediate removal if this public office were from VOX. We would have already removed him. We have more than 60,000 reasons to disapprove of this man, but this is the last straw, it is an insult ».

Back on the budget issue, Steegmann has insisted on the lack of realism in the accounts, and has detailed the real accounts referring to masks: we would need to spend 897 million euros a month on masks, we have to face it. "In short," he said, "this deserves an amendment to the totality, and not because there are not games with much meaning, but because it is out of focus. It has undoubtedly been done with a vision of a fairy tale in which Mrs. Merkel is going to come dressed as a fairy godmother and she is going to heal us all with money. We are very sorry, our forecasts were correct and you have not taken it into account.

After the appearance of the Undersecretary of State for Health, Juan Luis Steegmann has cross-examined the questions that the Secretary of State has not answered and has recalled that, in the current epidemic situation, the important thing is to save lives. "Everything else, at least for the next six months, should be secondary," he said.

"A great obstacle"

The doctor and spokesman for VOX in Health, Juan Luis Steegmann, has also responded to the intervention of the Secretary General of Digital Health, before whom he has made a prediction.

«You are going to find the great disintegrating obstacle that the autonomies have in terms of information. All those magnificent programs that you and your team have designed will be doomed to failure due to the enormous disruptive capacity of the State of Autonomies.

Steegmann, who has called for a unification of Health, "also, of course, in the information", recalled his request that the patient be, indeed, the holder of the medical record. "The doctors are only their custodians." Thus, as claimed by VOX, the results, for example, of a PCR must be in the hands of the patient in less than 48 hours, “but not after the bureaucracy has graciously decided that the patient has the right to know the result, but because the patient, by password and user, accesses the laboratory result ».

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