VOX Chiclana, through your spokesperson, Susana Candón has asked the city council to include in the municipal Tax Ordinance an article that permanently establishes a 95% discount on the Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Land. The text to be included in the municipal tax regulations must be as follows:

With effect from January 1, 2020, a 95% discount is established on the fee to be settled for the transmissions of land of an urban nature, and in the transmission or constitution of real rights of enjoyment limiting ownership over them, made at lucrative title due to death in favor of the descendants and adoptees, the spouses and the ascendants and adopters of the deceased.

Candon He has affirmed that the Tax on the Increase in Value of Urban Lands is one of the many taxes and fees that the Spanish must bear in a process in which the transmission is forced, since death is not a voluntary act.

The councilor of the VOX group in Chiclana He stressed that we are in a very serious economic emergency in which very high death rates are occurring due to the pandemic caused by the Wuham virus.

So, Candón considers that it is an appropriate time to establish a 95% discount on what is known as the municipal capital gains tax. A tax that, after the execution of an inheritance is added to others such as that of Successions and Donations, that of Real Estate or the incidence in the Personal Income Tax. In addition, in most cases it is a tax burden that the deceased already paid before his death, implying an abusive duplication of taxes.

This voracity of the Public Administration affects all Spaniards, who are currently seen more harshly during the exponential increase in deaths as a consequence of the coronavirus.

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