The first VOX mayor in Chiclana de la Frontera has regretted the ddifficult situation experienced by families and local entrepreneurs and has criticized the lack of foresight of the socialist-communist government of Pedro Sánchez, who has not been able to cope with the dramatic situation that has fallen on the families of Chiclana and the self-employed who have been forced to close their businesses.

Candón wanted to express his support to all families and self-employed people in the locality in the face of this economic crisis that has already begun to generate in the population the health crisis of COVID-19 and from which we will begin to notice its effects starting next week when many city workers no longer collect their payroll for encountering a layoff or ERTE. Something similar is going to happen to the freelancers who have been closed for two weeks with their businesses and are forced to face the March quota as well as the payment of quarterly taxes.

"We must articulate measures now. And having clear the institutional loyalty, but seeing at the same time, that they do not come from top to bottom, we propose that the municipalities articulate and complement what has already been drawn from Madrid ”, Susana Candón has rebuked the government team.

The motion that the Municipal Group VOX has registered is made up of the following points:

1st. Fiscal Contingency Plan to reduce the fiscal burdens of families in the situation of confinement or isolation and to compensate the losses derived from the increase in unemployment or business activity stoppage; for example, the reduction of 50% of all municipal rates whose taxable event is linked to the development of a commercial or business activity (garbage rate, rate for occupation of the public domain for terraces of bars and restaurants, or vendors in municipal markets, fixed or mobile); or the postponement of the payment of the tax on constructions, installations and works of all works that have been paralyzed by the sanitary crisis or the declaration of the state of alarm. In case they have already been settled, 50% refund.

2nd. Defer two months the fulfillment of all neighborhood tax obligations with municipalities subject to deadline – including the payment of taxes – to count from the declaration of end of pandemic issued by the competent authority.

3rd. Suspension of the accrual of the canon or the rent of municipal concessions or rentals to those merchants or entrepreneurs who are affected by activity restrictions.

4th. Automatic extension for the same time that the exceptional situation of the execution periods lasts and completion in 3 months with respect to those established in the license granting; subject to extension.

5th. Prepare and approve a Unnecessary Spending Reduction Plan; identifying all the non-essential needs to suspend its execution definitively during the financial year 2020 with the corresponding budgetary reallocations; and proceeding to suspend the execution of all the non-executed budget items – totally or partially – that refer to non-essential or unnecessary expenses for the fight against the health crisis, which includes, among others:

  • Suspension of the payment of subsidies to unions, business organizations, political parties, municipal political groups, and associations or entities whose activity is not commercial in nature and is not directly linked to the guarantee of employment, health, citizen security, food or housing for those most in need .
  • Suspension of all procedures for direct award or competitive competition to award subsidies or aid to unions, business organizations, political parties, municipal groups, associations or entities whose activity is not commercial in nature and is not directly linked to guaranteeing employment, health, citizen security, food or housing for those most in need.

6th. Allocate the municipal surplus whose budgetary allocation has released the RD Law 8/2020 exclusively to mitigate the effects of the health crisis and the state of alarm; and always within the Unnecessary Spending Reduction Plan.

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