Switzerland, Denmark and Luxembourg top the 2020 IMD Global Talent Rankings

Switzerland tops the IMD 2020 Global Talent Rankings for the fourth year in a row, followed by Denmark and Luxembourg. Spain once again ranks 32nd, as in 2019.

The impact of Brexit on the competitiveness of UK talent seems to be reflected in numbers. In 2016, the year of the Brexit vote, the UK was in 16th position, while ethis year his position in position 23 is a probable reflection that the uncertainties around this process have been undermining the competitiveness of the talent of that country.

Switzerland balances a high-quality education system that scores top marks for those entering university (# 1) and for those embarking on apprenticeships (# 1). The country is also attractive to foreign labor thanks to its high quality of life (3) and remuneration (1).

Denmark, in second position, performs well in all areas and stands out for the perceived fairness of its society (eg, justice, 1).

Luxembourg in third place, has seen steady improvement over the last five years, moving up from 11th place. This is due to a marked improvement in the investment and development factor, both in relation to other economies and in absolute terms.

The Institute for Management Development's Center for Global Competitiveness takes a three-pronged approach to measuring talent in economies. The investment and development factor measures the resources devoted to cultivating a local workforce. The appeal factor assesses the extent to which an economy attracts foreigners and retains local talent. And the preparation factor measures the quality of the skills and competencies available in a country's talent pool.

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