This is the first major exhibition in which the public will approach a less known record of the filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar.

Ministry of Culture and SportsThis exhibition, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Sports through the Sub-Directorate General for the Promotion of Fine Arts, is conceived as a song for freedom and, above all, as an invitation to draw bridges between disciplines that seem to be remote, but they are not so much.

For the painter Jorge Galindo, "a small pot with a geranium next to a child in a drawing is the beginning of this adventure".

Galindo points out that "the photographs with still lifes that Pedro had exhibited in the Malborough gallery I liked so much because they convey a single objective when making them, reflect an emotion".

Emotion that is reflected in the words of Pedro Almodóvar when explaining that "each work is an explosion, as if the pictorial material explodes in our hands like fireworks spilling onto the canvas".

Flowers, the origin

This exhibition originally arises from the commission that the painter Jorge Galindo received to make the drawing of a child reading on a torn paper of a sack of cement, axis of the film Dolor y Gloria.

From there, a challenge is born through which the still life photographs of the filmmaker will be the basis of large paintings painted with four hands.

Flores is the fruit of numerous work sessions in which both artists have literally danced on the canvases, letting a shared spirit of passion flow through the force of color on one of the most basic reasons in the history of human representation: the flower .

The color as the protagonist

Works of the exhibition Flores, Pedro Almodóvar and Jorge GalindoMinistry of Culture and SportsThe color, so present in Almodóvar's films and axis of all Galindo's work, is the main protagonist under the excuse of the flower.

On the color range used, Almodóvar indicates that he has "discovered with surprise that there are colors that have been taken from me in the paint that I don't usually use in the cinema: white, mainly". Red, however, despite being one of the most present colors in his films, barely appears on the palette.

According to Rafa Doctor, curator of the exhibition: "The result is too much words. Everything is passion, everything is action, everything is life. Flowers that from now on will be everlasting flowers."

The exhibition will be open to the public from November 22 to January 26 and admission is free.

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