Tactical visit before «Three top hats»

The National Dramatic Center (CDN), in collaboration with Accessible theater, will offer the next June 6th a tactile visit aimed at people with visual disabilities who attend the work Three top hats at María Guerrero Theater. It is an organized tour and prior to the accessible function with audio description, in which you can touch items of costumes, props and even walk through the very scenery of the show you will attend later.

The activity seeks the accessibility and integration of people with disabilities in the theater, allowing the participants to know closely the elements of costumes, props and scenery used in the works. Likewise, they may interact with a member of the cast of the work.

This activity is free with the acquisition of the entrance to the work, regardless of the date of attendance, prior reservation of a place, before the June 4, to email: comunicacion@aptent.es.

The visit will take place on June 6th, at 5:30 p.m., at María Guerrero Theater (Calle Tamayo y Baus, 4, Madrid).

The accessible functions of Three top hats the days will be celebrated June 6 and 7. The work, with text from Miguel Mihura and address Natalia Menéndez, it is represented until July 7th, having organized a meeting with the artistic team the June 13th.

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