Officials of the National Fraud Investigation Office (ONIF) of the Tax Agency and agents of the Central Operative Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard, in the framework of the operation 'Dean', are carrying out different actions in several provinces.

The Tax Agency and the Civil Guard, are carrying out the actions in Madrid, Alicante, Valencia, Asturias, Seville, Cadiz, Granada, Murcia and Illes Balears, in order to obtain evidence of alleged tax crimes and money laundering .

These actions are under the direction and coordination of the Central Court of Instruction number 5 of the National Court, who has ordered the making of several records in homes, as well as documentation requirements for multiple companies.

The investigation began at the beginning of last year focusing on the operations carried out in Spain by an investment fund constituted in 2011 with headquarters in Malta.

The activities of this fund consisted in the purchase of economic rights of soccer players with projection, seeking to achieve capital gains with their transfers to third teams. It also financed transfers and provided liquidity to Spanish football clubs with economic difficulties, all under the advice of law firms.

The agreements with the Spanish football clubs seem to have been negotiated in Spain by two representatives of soccer players, who could have simulated their fiscal residence outside of Spain, so as not to declare the benefits obtained to the Public Treasury.

More than 5 million euros

For the commission of detected frauds, a complex corporate structure has been used that would have allowed to hide the benefits of the loans and the sale of the economic rights of soccer players, with the amount supposedly defrauded to the Spanish Public Treasury in more than 5 million euros.

So far, there are five people investigated and several dozens will give testimony. In addition, due to the international repercussion, several countries have been requested to collaborate.

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