He accuses Sanchez of having played with "the times of Spain" and says that he has no choice but to embrace Podemos, Bildu, PNV and ERC

"Sánchez's arms call ERC, who has just humiliated him by saying that he is weak," says García Tejerina, who argues that "Sánchez's problem is Sánchez, he is not a legit person."

He affirms that the PP has to be a guarantor of coherence and credibility, and recalls that it was the only party that said in the campaign that it would not facilitate the Sánchez government.

“We owe it to the general interest of Spain and our voters. We are a useful match for citizens in the short, medium and long term. We take Spain, the future and the interests of the Spaniards very seriously. ”

"He separated a government that created 500,000 jobs a year for a reason that the Spaniards understand unbelievable, without a program and with the partners he decided."

He stressed that the president of the Government in office continues to live with the latest budgets of the PP, the "best salvation table in the Spanish economy."

He criticizes that Sánchez said that he could not sleep with members of Podemos in the Government and that, 48 hours after holding second elections, “he merged into a hug with them, just as he hugged Bildu in Navarra yesterday, with the PNV in the Country Vasco and today he will do it with ERC ”.

He emphasizes that the PP does not agree with Vox regarding gender violence, but does not establish sanitary cords. "We leave it to the PSOE, which has applied it to us."

"Our energy and political action is with the victims and with the respect we owe them," he says, after remembering that the PP was the promoter of the Covenant against gender violence.

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