The course has just started. Everyone has a reason to put their elbows on the table at this time and in a more or less nervous way to eagerly glance at the agenda that is displayed in front of their eyes and mentally check that the challenges that are presented to them are certainly demanding. In some cases, even the most seasoned marathon runner's knees could shake.

But we are VOX and we grow in the face of uncertainty and, why not say it, also in the face of adversity. You know that the project that is now beginning is but a continuation of the work and good work that the manager of our party in Murcia has developed since she was appointed in December of last year with our president José Ángel Antelo at the helm.

After internal elections in which the affiliates have been able to freely endorse and give their confidence to the different candidates presented, only one candidacy in our Region has been proclaimed as validly presented. We are proud in this CEP, to have received massive support and to be the most guaranteed percentage of all Spain. This is not the result of chance, chance or the interplanetary alignment that is sometimes tried to wield.

The secret for such a decisive marker has been to show the affiliates that the pillars of this project are loyalty, honesty, work and the defense of our values, unequivocal signs that everyone who wants to contribute to our self must carry a tattoo on fire. trench. I remind you that at VOX we come to serve, not to serve, and that we are a mere tool at the service and for the defense of Spain.

This at the same time implies a great responsibility, since today it has been shown that VOX Murcia is the spearhead of our party at the national level. Murcia will be the starting point of La Reconquista, the name at the same time of our educational and informative magazine that will see the light soon and to which our affiliates and supporters will be able to subscribe and receive it periodically.

We are going to continue expanding and organizing our structure so that with the essential help of vice-secretaries and coordinators our message reaches every corner of the Region and as the days go by we can fight the battle of ideas in this cultural war in which we find ourselves immersed.

There is a phrase that I have always liked: teamwork divides the load and multiplies the results. That is why we have no time to waste in this task entrusted by our voters.

Antonio Martínez Sánchez, GM VOX Molina de Segura spokesperson and CEP member.

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