• He describes as "shameful" the interview with Otegi, which is one more reason for the PP not to abstain in Sanchez's investiture. "The next thing is maybe an interview with Josu Ternera on TVE," the secretary general jokes.
  • "They are reasons, one after another, that make it difficult for any constitutionalist party to abstain so that a man like Sánchez, who shows us every day that he can not be trusted, can have any kind of support, beyond what he had in the motion of censorship with that Frankenstein government that seems increasingly resolved to reproduce, "he emphasizes.
  • Complaint that Sanchez is demonstrating that "has not even considered to be on the side or ask for the support of the Constitutionalists" and indicates that if the acting president is willing to talk about matters such as tax cuts or the Catalan question or Navarra , "The PP can sit down so that the legislature is stable".
  • He argues that for governments to be present, it is important that "we all sit down at the negotiating tables, taking into account the support our proposals have received from citizens" and what the Community of Madrid, the Region, needs today. Murcia or Castilla y León to continue moving forward.
  • He affirms that "all political forces have to give in and accept that nobody has an absolute majority" and recalls that in matters such as employment, lowering taxes, educational freedom or defending the unity of Spain "they will always have the support of the PP, be it in a small municipality or in the government of the nation ".
  • "Just as I do not want the State to meddle in the education I want for my children, I do not want it to get in the way of what a person thinks, believes or does in their private life," he says about Vox's demands in the Madrid's community

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