The general secretary tosigns that the negotiations are ongoing and warns that "the first day can not be resolved" because "it is normal for the agreements to materialize little by little and not at once", andIt notes that the PP will fulfill its commitments with Citizens and with Vox.

Stresses that "the charges are not an end in itself but a means" to develop agreements through government action, considering that "you can not distribute councils like cards from a deck" and advocates "being respectful" with mayors and working to make government teams work as one.
Asked about the meeting this afternoon between the PP and Vox advances that the negotiations are on track and ragrees that governments have to make collegiate decisions and that the conformations of all levels of administrations have to follow a logic. Appeals to "good faith, to the understanding and autonomy of mayors and councilors" and also to the "patience" that the work of negotiation requires to lay the foundations on which the action of governments will rest.

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