Emphasizes that a space has been opened for dialogue in which the general interest and generosity of political forces should prevail

Affirms that it is important to work on the agreement with Citizens and VOX, as has been done today, in Aragon and the Congress of Deputies, and stresses that the three parties should look for common points so that the votes of the center right can materialize in governments for freedom in town halls and autonomous communities.

It emphasizes that a dialogue space has opened in which the general interest and generosity of the political forces should prevail, to advance in programmatic issues in tax reductions, institutional strengthening, equality of opportunities for all Spaniards before the Law and guarantee the unity of Spain from the institutions.

Trust that this start of talks will bear fruit in a few weeks, because the constitution of local councils and parliaments is just around the corner and it is necessary to move forward in the program and in the form that these governments will have. It emphasizes that the Popular Party is exercising its responsibility, since it has been urged to reach agreements and the only hope that the left has to follow in the governments is that the three political forces come together.

Stresses that the PP has created governance committees in all autonomous communities where the support of other political forces is needed, as is going to be done tomorrow in Castilla y León. The secretary general advances that the PP is going to be the nexus that manages to unite the expressed will of the citizens in the ballot boxes and transforms it into governments of change and freedom; because the only goal is to stop arguing about the road and stay with the goals and objectives.

He asks the parties to put aside the egos and the personal constraints: "to focus on the essential, to guarantee the points that differentiate us from the left" and stresses that each one must be aware of the role that the urns; and we agree to agree on programs and talk about the measures to be applied.

He believes that Andalusia is a great success that we have achieved from the effort and generosity of all and should not underestimate what is being achieved there, which is to improve public services, lower taxes and generate employment.

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