Teodoro García Egea en Los Desayunos de TVE

Teodoro García Egea affirms that the PP is in favor of speaking, first, of programs and, later, of the persons in charge of directing the different governments. It emphasizes that the essential thing is "to think about people, to know what is going to be done, for what and in what way we are going to start those governments". "In this negotiation we will not disappoint," he says.

Stresses that the negotiating committee of the PP, consisting of Javier Maroto, Ana Beltran and himself, will try to help the territories to agree, but that each will discuss possible agreements and programs "based on knowledge of the land that only they have. " He points out that the entire party will take the decision on possible governments and will not "make decisions outside the territories."

Garcia Egea shows his surprise because the PSOE talks about the need to stop parties like Vox and at the same time tell Oriol Junqueras, in preventive detention, not to worry. "It is necessary to describe facts and not grandiloquent qualifiers," he stresses. He points out that the PP is the only party that has risen in number of votes in a month, which has allowed it to regain the confidence of citizens, something that will lead to "transforming the lives of those who have trusted us."

"The PP spearheads its mayors. This exhibition of good management will consolidate us as a great option, "he concludes.

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