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  1. Teodoro García Egea celebrates that "the dialogue has paid off" and asks that "the governments of freedom" be allowed to walk, to which "nobody can put a single one" and that, thanks to the pacts reached with Cs and VOX, "have allowed a service to be made to Spain"
  2. He explains that the talks to form a government in the Community of Madrid focus on the program and that, during this week, "we will continue to know more questions before addressing the names of councilors or the different government structures"
  3. In the case of the City of Madrid, says that, "it is logical that VOX participate in government issues since it is necessary to approve budgets and give stability to the municipality"
  4. "We are going to have to talk and agree a lot, but we can not let people think that we are inefficient and that we are more devoted to talking to each other than to solving problems," he stresses.
  5. Thanks, both to José Manuel Villegas, and Iván Espinosa de los Monteros who have been serious, rigorous speakers and for whom "the general interest of Spain has been above anything else".
  6. García Egea explains that a period is opening in which the territories "are free to reach agreements", always on the programmatic basis that defends the PP, which "guarantees freedom, the unity of Spain, equal opportunities and the right to parents to choose the education they want for their children and I do not think these parties are for the work. "
  7. He is convinced that Navarra Suma must govern and is an example of how "when the constitutionalists go together, they win the elections and they are in a position to hold the stake of those who want Navarra to be the annex of some other territory"
  8. Ask those who "ask why the PP does not abstain in the investiture of Sanchez", look at what has happened in Badalona or Casteldefels, "where all of Spain can see how far the PSOE can go", reaching agreement with the CUP
  9. The PSOE at this moment is playing his speech and his coherence of the 40 years of democracy "and remember that PP supported Patxi Lopez in exchange for nothing, simply because he had to be up to it at a historical moment.
  10. "I ask the PSOE that the gesture that the PP had in the Basque Country, now repeats itself in Navarre and allows Navarra Suma govern, not to hand it over to the PNV or Bildu "
  11. Regarding the incidents that occurred in some ballots, such as Burgos or Huesca, explains that the parties' addresses are "talking to try to resolve the issue" and that "it falls within the normality that errors could occur"
  12. Accepts that Macron is free to express his opinion, but that the Popular Party before the only ones that "has to render an account of the work it does are its electors, the Spaniards". "I respect the opinions, but I think that PP is doing a great job in Andalusia", underlines

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