Claims Sánchez "bravery" to bring the Open Arms crisis to community institutions, since it does nothing more than blow

  • He transfers all the support of the PP to the citizens of Gran Canaria, affected by the fires of these last days and announces that the national president, Pablo Casado, will be there Wednesday, as he himself said “knowing the situation first hand and thanking to those who give their best in the worst moments: emergency services, security and fire fighting ”
  • Denounces that Spain is without government, not even in functions, as we can see with Sánchez's inability to solve the crisis of the Open arms or to achieve the necessary agreements to form Government
  • It is not understood that a migration crisis like that of Open arms I tried to solve Sánchez with a tweet from Doñana; since this Government first puts the tweet in the networks and then asks how it is done, being denied even by the captain of the ship
  • Claims Sánchez "courage" to lead the crisis of Open arms to the community institutions, since it does nothing more than blow in its immigration policy, which generates frustration and uncertainty
  • He emphasizes that Spain deserves much more, such as knowing if Sánchez is willing to raise taxes with United We can or if he will follow the line of agreement with Bildu, as he has done in Navarra, or if the citizens of Ibiza and the rest of Spain they have to pay tolls for driving on highways
  • He says that from the PP it is not going to be tolerated that “Spaniards” will continue to be “savvy” to the Spanish with more taxes and stresses that “we are going to work so that Sanchez is as short as possible in La Moncloa”
  • It shows that the PP is already Spain Suma, because it brings together a large majority of Spaniards with ideas based on freedom, low taxes, guaranteeing education that parents want for their children and that the country continues to advance, as it is shown in the Most of the autonomous communities, the PP acts as a catalyst of the same values ​​and the same ideas
  • It highlights the effort and the great work done by the PP of Ibiza in recovering the Consell, the City Council of San Antonio, maintaining the institutions and putting them at the service of the Ibicencos, something that shows that we can agree with other forces policies to get governments that improve people's lives, that do not make it worse, that open their arms to those who come to invest, create wealth and enjoy this land

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