Teodoro García Egea

Teodoro García Egea warns the president of the Congress and the PSOE that "if it does not immediately suspend the prisoners for giving a blow to the State, the PP will ask for its disapproval" and plans to act against it for prevarication and disobedience before the courts . Remember that Meritxell Batet has received a letter "indicating the way forward to suspend the coup prisoners immediately"

Egea affirms that the writing sent by Batet to the TS was "an attempt to wash his hands and buy time". "You do not have to buy time here: you have to win democracy and the law." He describes as "ignominious" and a "disrespect for justice" that Pedro Sanchez tells the ERC leader "do not worry" and stresses that the only way for Junqueras, Tardá and Puigdemont to worry, is to vote for the PP at City Hall and in the Community of Madrid.

He argues that Spain does not deserve "one more day of embarrassment" in the Congress of Deputies. Transfer to those who do not want to swear the Constitution and loyalty to the Spaniards, who do not go to the Congress, the City Council or the Assembly of Madrid. "Institutions are being served to citizens and not to give a blow to the State or to curtail the rights and freedoms of thousands of Spaniards," he says. In the same line ensures that the PP wants to stop the drift of independence, populist and tax increases that is launching the socialist government. "We need to remove the red carpet that Manuela Carmena has put on Pedro Sánchez so that the Madrileños have to pay more taxes"

Stresses that in the debate yesterday was issued among the candidates for the Mayor of Madrid, Martinez-Almeida was the "great winner" and "the only one who" voice "to the millions of Madrid who want a cleaner, more entrepreneurial city and that aspires to be "the international reference in quality of life"

He stresses that next May 26 the people of Madrid have to choose between spending the next four years to "expand sidewalks" and "receive coup leaders", or, with Martinez-Almeida as mayor, to improve the lives of citizens, and increase cultural, educational and sports infrastructures of Madrid

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