The secretary general announces that the PP will request the Electoral Board to execute the Supreme Court's ruling so that Junqueras loses the status of MEP and indicates that they will reach the end so that neither the leader of ERC nor Torra can represent the Spaniards

It reveals a legal and parliamentary offensive "before a PSOE delivered to ERC" and requests the appearance of Sánchez to clarify the "partisan and unscrupulous" use of the State Advocacy.

“The independentistas have had the big prize with Sánchez,” he says, referring to his pressure on the State Advocacy to continue in Moncloa. "Each one has a clear objective: Sanchez the presidency and the independentistas self-determination." "The PP will fight for this Government, to bear fruit, last as little as possible for the good of the Spanish."

He affirms that Sanchez "still has room to not fall into the abyss of the Frankenstein Government", and extends his hand to governance, so that he moves away from "you want to break the country and the Constitution," he says, after recalling that the PP is the only one that offered a pact to approve budgets.

He denounces that Sanchez humbles himself to the wishes of the radical left and the independentistas and assumes “unscrupulous” everything they ask for and, a year after the Pedralbes summit, he has changed his language, speaking of political conflict, legal security and Bilateralism between Spain and Catalonia.

He asks Sánchez if he is willing to allow a referendum in Catalonia in exchange for ERC's support to continue in Moncloa and denounces that for important debates Congress has changed for the Lledoners prison

Announces legal actions against the person in charge of the prison where Junqueras is serving sentence, for allowing his rally from prison, violating the Penitentiary Law.

It will force the barons of the PSOE to be portrayed in the regional parliaments on the investiture agreements and appeals to the regionalist parties on the fact that Iglesias can be vice president and the future of his infrastructure is in the hands of Junqueras and Puigdemont.

“Sanchez only has eyes to fulfill what Junqueras and Puigdemont ask, what is hidden behind the silence of so many socialist deputies? What do the representatives of the regionalist parties have to say that now shut up when the future of Spain is decided by Torra, Puigdemont and Junqueras?

He warns that 2019 ends without any new Spanish company has gone public, something that reveals "the paralysis of economic growth in Spain."

After the refusal of Vox to support the budgets of the Madrid City Council, he urges this formation “to explain if he has come to Carmena's legacy to be alive or if he prefers a future with proposals from the PP”

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