El secretario general ha presidido la constitución del Comité para la Gobernabilidad

The General Secretary of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, has presided today, in the national headquarters of the PP, the constitution of the Committee for Governance, which will coordinate the negotiations for the constitution of governments in those autonomous communities and municipalities in which the Party Popular has the potential to form majorities.
The negotiation team will be headed by the Secretary General, the Deputy Secretary of Organization, Javier Maroto, the President of the PP of Navarra and deputy elected in the Congress, Ana Beltrán, as well as the Deputy Secretary of Social Policy and coordinator of the election campaign municipal and autonomous, Cuca Gamarra.
The national leaders of these negotiations at the municipal level will be Antonio García Terol and Alberto Casero; at provincial level Vicente Betoret and Isabel Borrego, and for the autonomous communities César Sánchez. Also part of this negotiation team are María Pelayo, Pablo Cano, Pablo Balbín, Rafael Laza, Pablo Hispán, Jorge González Barrante and Javier Martínez Gilabert.
From the autonomic perspective, Javier Campoy, will be in charge of the negotiations for the formation of the Government of Aragon; Paco Vázquez, in Castilla y León; David Pérez and Ana Camins in Madrid; José Miguel Luengo in the Region of Murcia; Ana Beltrán in the Comunidad Foral de Navarra; the presidents of Ceuta and Melilla, Juan Jesús Vivas and Juan José Imbroda in the two autonomous cities, and Ángel Llanos in the case of the Canary Islands.
In the course of his speech, the general secretary of the people has said that with the constitution of the Committee for Governance "we will build the future of the party for the next 4 years," while he recalled that the PP won an absolute majority in 2,300 municipalities and has possibilities to govern in 33 provincial capitals of our country after the elections of May 26.

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