Teodoro García asiste a la presentación del libro "Treinta cafés. Las cualidades del liderazgo", de Euprepio Padula

He hopes that among all the parties that believe in Spain, in freedom, equal opportunities and low taxes, "we will get governments that look to the future"

The General Secretary of the Popular Party, Teodoro García Egea, has affirmed that the Popular Party wants to explore the model of Andalusia for all of Spain: "we will sit down with Citizens and VOX, and we will propose that measures must be put in place that make Madrid advance like Andalusia". Remember that the objective is not that two political parties speak but that we manage to articulate an alternative program to the left and to all those governments that have been called for change but that have been the change for the worse.

García Egea trusts that, as the days progress, they will be concretized in what programmatic matters we can agree to govern in Autonomous Communities and City Councils. The change in the Junta de Andalucía marked a point of inlfexión, and that is the proof that a government of coalition of PP and Citizens, and with VOX supporting on specific issues, works: "the government of Juanma Moreno and the Popular Party has managed to renew Canal Sur, maintain public services or increase the contract of professionals in the health sector to cover summer leave. "

The secretary general has assured that he will speak with all those with whom he considers that he can agree and, therefore, he will not talk to either Carmena or Errejón: "my phone is always open for my political opponents, but the government of the Community and the Madrid City Council will not talk. " He also stressed that the people of Madrid deserve that the center-right parties agree to prevent the left from raising taxes.

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