El vicesecretario de Territorial, Antonio González Terol

It considers a "cacicada" that the president of the Commission of Deputations has "applied the roller in an informative commission approving an agreement that has been rejected by the PP, Ciudadanos, JxCat and ERC

The vice-secretary of Territorial of the Popular Party, Antonio González Terol, has assured to be "tremendously alarmed" before the fact that the Government "perseveres in the error of wanting to tie the aid that the City Councils and Provincial Councils need to deliver their savings.
This was stated after learning what happened today in the Commission of Provincial Councils, Councils and Island Councils of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), in which the representatives of the PSOE have refused to urge the Government to open a table of negotiation to debate the new draft of royal decree of financial measures for municipalities and provinces and have agreed to request that the aid be subordinated to the delivery of municipal savings.
Likewise, Terol has described as “Cacicada” that the president of the PSOE Council Committee, Francisco Reyes, has “applied the roller in an informative commission approving an agreement that has been rejected by the PP (Diputación de Almería, Alicante, Ávila, Burgos , Malaga, Palencia, Salamanca, Segovia, Soria, and the Cabildo de La Palma and the Insular Council of Ibiza); Citizens (Zamora County Council), JxCat (Girona County Council) and ERC (Lleida and Tarragona County Council) ”.
Said agreement, only supported by the members of the party in the Government, goes along the lines of asking that the extraordinary fund of aid to the Local Entities be conditioned to the delivery of the remnants ”. For this reason, González Terol has highlighted that "if the intention of the Executive is to persevere in this line, it will be a mistake and they will pay dearly in the Congress of Deputies."
In Terol's opinion, the Executive of Sánchez and Iglesias received a hard blow in the Congress of Deputies after seeing how the entire parliamentary arch rejected the decree, which included the bad agreement between the FEMP and the Ministry of Finance, to establish aid to Local Entities against the effects of Covid-19. The non-validation of the decree occurred fundamentally, Terol has indicated, "because it is unfair and violates the principle of equality between municipalities and citizens by excluding municipalities that do not have remnants of the distribution of funds from the General State Budgets" .
Thus, the vice secretary of Territorial has endorsed the demands of the 29 mayors, of 13 different political formations that last Tuesday demanded the Ministry of Finance that Arbitrate a system of aid to all city councils and councils that allow them to face the economic difficulties caused by the coronavirus health crisis, with special attention to the unconditional fund of 5,000 million and that of 1,000 million destined specifically for public transport.
González Terol has trusted that "the Government stops being disappeared for the municipalities and provinces" and has encouraged Minister Montero "to put aside partisan interests to prioritize those of the Spanish." The Deputy Secretary of Territorial has concluded by stating his intention to "reach out again to all political forces to open a dialogue table in which to reach agreements that allow Local Entities to meet the needs of their neighbors, boosting the economy and generating employment in their territories ”.

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