He describes as "shame" that the PSOE and Podemos have to sign a protocol to "formalize what should be something normal." "It's the announcement that they are already starting from bad relationships," he says.

He criticizes that Pedro Sánchez has to delay the formation of Government a week because his vice president is dedicated to making virtual appointments "with a certain disloyalty".

He points out that the agreement of the new Government is "harmful for the future of Spain, for economic development and institutions."

He announces that the PP protocol will be "a hard, constant, firm opposition and without being carried away by populism" but "loyal in the affairs of state of which the Socialist Party wants to talk to us, which, for now, is none."

He believes that, as a party with the will of the Government, “we have to collect the feelings of the people and the street” and take it to Parliament and the institutions, to “stand up to the measures that Sánchez and the extreme left want to implement” as The tax increase.

Remember that the PP will present a parliamentary offensive through motions in municipalities, regional governments and deputations for the PSOE to give explanations of the "pact of shame", break "now" with Esquerra and Bildu and socialist leaders are portrayed.

“Pablo Iglesias taught us very well what escraches were when he didn't step on carpet. We will have to see how he now takes the public complaint and criticism within the institutions because surely he will soon get used to the Audi and the representation costs. ”

On the renewal of the Judiciary, remember that the PP is committed to the model of the 80s "in which judges and prosecutors are chosen among them."

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