The Deputy Secretary of Territorial of the PP believes that today Sanchez has "a unique opportunity" before the King to take "one step aside" and propose "to another alternative candidate, who will not be supported by the PP, or with abstention not even with the positive vote, but that can enlist the support of the natural partners of the PSOE ”

“And if it does not come out, you can always ask if Sanchez would let a constitutionalist government chaired by Pablo Casado rule as an alternative in Spain. It is an option that is also on the table, ”he adds.

He explains that there could be a coalition of constitutionalist parties that, with the mere abstention or the positive vote of the PSOE, allowed Spain to have a government “from now on” chaired by Pablo Casado.

He emphasizes that after 100 days since the general elections “Spain deserves stability and certainty”, because the latest economic data show that job creation is contracting due to the lack of reforms of a functioning Government.

Affirms that before the inaction of the PSOE in Congress, the PP has registered today the constitution of the Monitoring Commission of the Toledo Pact, because the PP is concerned about the sustainability of the Social Security system and pensions.

Denounces the 1,000 million euros of debt of the City of Zaragoza after 14 years of leftist governments, which have proven to be "the exponent of spending up to unsuspected limits."

"The party to which these governments have dedicated during the last 14 years at the end is paid by someone and they are usually citizens," he says.

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