“The PP, with Pablo Casado at the head, is synonymous with unlocking and next November 10, it will be synonymous with Government”

González Terol values ​​the work of the judges of the TS after the ruling of the you process, whose work has been "complicated" and its sentence, "impeccable" and that shows that in our country "who does it, pays"

The Deputy Secretary recalled that "The PP will live up to the circumstances and, in the face of any kind of public disorder, will support the Government in whatever it needs," he says.

At the same time, he reiterates that the PP is committed to a massive decrease in taxes: decrease in personal income tax below 40%, reduction of corporate tax below 20%, as well as the elimination of inheritance, donations and equity tax.

On the other hand, it denounces the response of the acting Government to the great challenges that arise after the bankruptcy of Thomas Cook and criticizes that the Royal Decree that has been launched has arrived late and with insufficient measures

Remember that 35% of the Canary Islands GDP is represented by tourism and that the British operator represented 17% of the arrival of tourists to the islands

Finally, he points out that the PP asked for a 50% discount on airport charges to which the Government has refused. "Minister Ábalos has already accustomed us to his discriminations, especially in the Canary Islands," he says.

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