The deputy secretary states that Ter and leave the "embrace of shame" with those who have been convicted of sedition and embezzlement, as well as enforcing the sentence that disables Torra for breaking the Law.

He assures that we are still waiting for Sánchez's assessment of the message “fantastic, bright, forceful and full of rigor” of King Felipe VI and urges that a government of Spain with independence and radicals not be agreed.

He calls Sánchez to take a turn towards constitutionalism and tells him that he is in time to break up with his partners and underlines that if he is committed to a “moderate investiture,” the PP continues to offer up to eleven State pacts.

Highlights the initiatives presented by the PP on territorial policy, the improvement of regional financing, deliveries on account of VAT to the autonomous communities and the improvement of public services, such as “trench to the socialist, communist and radical policies you want put Sanchez in motion ”.

Rate Murcia as one of the "bastions of consensus" achieved by the PP to continue launching the great project of Spain Sum

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