Antonio González Terol interviene en la Interparlamentaria del PP de Aragón

The PP will do everything in its power to make this term last as little as possible, with the law in hand

• Stresses that the survey published today by a national media confirms that “the Spaniards know that we are the only party capable of dealing with sanchismo and the only real and sensible alternative for Spain ”and that Pablo Casado is the most valued leader and the one our country needs

• Stresses that the PP will do everything in its power "so that this term lasts as little as possible, with the law in hand, at the headquarters of national sovereignty and faithful to the Constitution"

• Congratulates Pedro Sánchez for being “the first president of Spain and the first person in the History of Humanity that is capable of not sleeping for two months, since the embrace of shame with Pablo Iglesias”

• "The Spanish have realized that Sanchez has taken the last acronym of his party from the PSOE"

• Ensures that forming an Executive with 4 vice presidencies and 18 ministries, "the most expensive government in our history", responds to "nobody can stay out of the party"

• Remarks that Sánchez has in his Government a Minister of Universities who used an “opaque” society to manage his conferences and maintains Calvo, Montero and Planas who were advisers in the stage of the ERE of Andalusia, the largest corruption plot of Europe

• He believes that "nothing good can happen to our nation" with a government supported by separatists, the PNV and the heirs of ETA

• Denounces that Podemos, the partners of the Government of Sánchez, were part of the demonstration yesterday that called for humane treatment of the prisoners of ETA and asks Sánchez and his barons to explain which side they are on.

  • "The PP only has one word to assess this new outrage to the victims of the terrorist band: shame," he says

• Remember that "today Catalonia does not have a president" and warns that if Torrent does not call a Plenary Session, it will prevail, and that if Torra does not depart, he will commit a crime of disobedience

• Announces that if Sánchez does not do so, the PP will act against Torra's disobedience, to ensure that the sentence is fulfilled and that he will make a firm and tireless opposition so that “Spain neither kneels nor is kidnapped by the separatist dogmas”

• Criticizes that the acting Government did not have time to raise pensions but to double spending on drinks for the Falcon that will become the “magic carpet” of the ministers of Podemos

• Affirms that the Bolivarian extreme left has the great virtue of adjusting the ethical criteria to their needs and believes that the purple formation acts as Rebelion on the farm “Where we are all the same but some are more equal than others”

• “Alberto Garzón is, like Pedro Sánchez, another example of how to sell the party he directs to satisfy his personal ambitions”

• Believes that the worst for Aragon will come with the new Vice President Teresa Ribera, who wants to end the hunt and bulls that “so much income and economic activity produces” in the rural world and how important it is to end depopulation

• Qualifies Sánchez as "insensitive" to the needs of Aragon and regrets that Lambán, as with the agreements with ERC, "keep quiet and quiet while the socialist government ruins Teruel, Zaragoza and Huesca"

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