El vicesecretario de Territorial, Antonio González Terol

Alert that with the designation of Delgado "the operation of the FGE is put at risk" and claims to return to the model by which the judges elect the judges for the renewal of the CGPJ

He emphasizes that the majority of the CGPJ has not wanted to recognize the “suitability” of Delgado to hold the position of FGE, since, because of his membership in the previous government “it is obvious that it may not be impartial”.

After remembering that Sanchez said he was in charge of the Prosecutor's Office, he wondered what Delgado would do if the request for pardons for the convicted Catalan politicians arrived.

Remember that the toughest with the former socialist minister was the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, who called her unworthy when the controversy over the Villarejo case jumped.

Ironiza with which Sanchez has achieved “the worldwide success of being the man who has not been sleeping for two and a half months”, after signing the pact with Podemos that, according to him, previously took away his sleep.

Criticizes that a year ago that the Government does not convene the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council, although, when the PSOE was in the opposition demanded a new financing policy.

He criticizes the fiscal increase of the Sanchez Executive with an increase in taxes to drain citizens' money.

Ensures that the PP will face “interventionist fiscal policies” that want to recover taxes such as inheritance, equity and donations, suppressed or subsidized to 99% in communities governed by the PP.

It claims the moderate discourse of the PP based on experience and having managed at all levels of the Administration.

"We are going to take citizens' demands to the institutions to change things since the Constitution and without outbursts." "Citizens have chosen us to flee populism," he says.

Stresses the representative force of the PP, which has the largest number of mayors and more than 20,000 councilors.

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