The & # 039; European Innovation Scoreboard & # 039; Spain stands out as one of the three countries that most advances in innovation in 2019

Spain is, along with Cyprus and Finland, one of the three countries in which the performance of innovation has increased most notably in 2019, according to data published this Tuesday by the European Commission in the 'European Innovation Scoreboard 2020'. Spain has improved five positions in the innovation ranking compared to the previous year, reaching 14th place out of the total of the 27 countries of the European Union, although it continues in the group of countries considered "moderately innovative".

The report indicates that the areas in which Spain has the best results are in human resources, a favorable environment for innovation and impact on employment. Specifically, with a growth of 66.7%, Spain is the country with the highest rate of improvement in performance in the human resources category between 2012 and 2019. Comparing with the 2018 data, Spain is also the country with the highest growth (34.3%) in this regard, up to fifth place in the EU, ahead of countries considered strongly innovative.

As regards the environment favorable to innovation, Spain is in ninth place in 2019 and is, after Malta, Poland and Lithuania, the country whose performance has improved the most in this chapter. It also appears above the European average in impact on employment and the fourth country, after Luxembourg, Malta and Latvia, with the highest improvement rate.

Regarding areas in which Spain has to improve, those of innovation in small and medium-sized companies, business investment and public-private collaboration stand out.

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