For the fifth consecutive weekend, VOX Zaragoza has triumphed in the streets with the information table. On this occasion, placed in the Plaza España in Zaragoza.

This Saturday we had the presence of the general secretary of VOX, Javier Ortega Smith. That he has congratulated the militants, young people and volunteers who are in charge of the mobilization events.

Our activists and representatives have distributed information brochures on the work that is carried out throughout the province. As well as the proposals of the municipal group in the Zaragoza City Council, from the Zaragoza Provincial Council and the parliamentary group in the Cortes of Aragon.

Both VOX supporters and people increasingly interested in the VOX Zaragoza project have approached us. In the street, the growth that our training has been going through in recent months is palpable. Something common to the rest of Spain.

VOX Zaragoza will continue at the foot of the canyon, in the street, to be in the day to day of society. And collect your concerns in order to solve them.

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