Because yes, we all know that the holidays are very good, that it is a wonderful period of swimming pool and mojito, of children on the beach, of disconnected phones only suitable for Instagram selfies that make you envious – and you die when you look at them later from the office . 😭

Because this is so: then comes the mood end of summer depression. And it is inevitable. The days seem gray, we look nostalgically at the swimsuit, the brown mark is disappearing little by little and we only have …

September! Because the return to the routine means that there are a lot of things to do! And if the return to the routine has something good, it is that there are a thousand plans that await us, meals with friends, personal projects, books to discover, afternoons of terrace and afterwork and everything that comes to mind, go! ! So if you do not want to miss anything, do not miss the agendas full of shine and salt that brings us Tantanfan… And choose with what style you are going to eat the world in the coming months. 😎✨

Daily School Agenda 2020-2021 La Vecina Rubia

Perhaps the best day schedule on the market, and if not, the one that will make you shine the most due to the high quality of its finishes. Blonde word!

The agenda is bound in hard cover with round edges and wiro. It has a rubber seal, several pages of stickers, a page with post-it plugs, a double pocket and a removable laminated cardboard bookmark.

2020-2021 school agenda La Vecina Rubia

With La Vecina Rubia's weekly schedule you will stand out in glamor and elegance.

An agenda that stands out for the quality of its finishes and because it will make you shine every day. So that all your plans have a day and date and you don't miss anything at all.

2020-2021 Modern Village School Agenda

La Moderna de Pueblo has it clear: everything is pussible. And we are also sure that your schedule will make you smile (and more than one laugh) every day.

It includes several post-it blocks, eight pages of stickers to unleash your creativity or kill boredom and a practical envelope to store papers and papers. It also comes with a lot of humor.

2020-2021 school agenda María Hesse

Alert the artists of the house: the illustrator María Hesse has created a beautiful inspiration agenda art deco. Do you want to know how it is? 😜

Well, it's like the art of Mary. A delicate, demanding agenda, full of fragile characters and fighters that will not leave you indifferent.

It is bound in hard cover with round edges and wiro. It has a rubber seal, several pages of stickers, a page with post-it blocks, a double pocket to store papers and a lot of freshness and sensitivity.

2020-2021 school agenda Isa Muguruza

With this Isa Muguruza agenda you will let out the universe that is in you. It's that simple.

Isa Muguruza is a young artist on the rise. After her time as a creative director, she takes off on her solo flight and already has more than 99,000 followers on Instagram and a published children's book.

Bring this beautiful agenda to dazzle and invite you to let out all that world of bright stars that is inside you. A delight that we will not miss, go.

2020-2021 school agenda Àngela Mármol

And if there is an important message now that many are returning to school or institute, it is respect, the need to put an end to bullying.

Àngela Mármol is a young woman influencer with very clear ideas and a strong message: Smile, even if it costs you! Her fight against bullying has made her one of the influencers most loved and admired of the networks.

His diary is bound in hard cover with round edges. Includes two pages of stickers and a pocket for storing papers.

School Agenda 2020-2021 Elite

Elite is a Spanish web series that has already become a worldwide phenomenon. It was viewed by more than 20 million viewers in its first month of release and a fourth season has already been confirmed on Netflix.

Go back to class with Cayetana, Ander, Carla, Guzmán, Nadia, Omar, Lucrecia and the rest of the characters in the series and their most memorable phrases. Las Encinas are waiting for you.

2020-2021 School Agenda The Call

With this school agenda you will feel "the call" of the Lord. Mother Bernarda de los Arcos and Sister Milagros will help you organize so that at the end of the year you receive all the blessings. Amen!

This hardcover bound diary includes four pages of stickers and a pocket to hide your entries. The Fashion and other little things.

2020-2021 school agenda Defreds

Offreds brings you an agenda full of inspiring phrases that will help you start the routine with strength and energy. And with the beauty with which Offreds always captivates us.

Drop everything on this agenda full of beautiful ideas and start a new year smiling every day with the company of urban poetry, of Offreds.

Lyona 2020-2021 school calendar

Illustrator Lyona has designed a monstrous soft stuffed diary for Tantanfan. Can you think of something better? Neither do we! 🤩

We present to you this pink stuffed monster. It can only be Anitram, the endearing monster created by Lyona. Nothing will scare you in the new course and, if you get stressed, you can always stroke it to reduce tension.

The planner includes two pages of stickers and a pocket for storing papers, and it has a plush cover that you won't be able to stop cuddling.

2020-2021 school agenda Croqueta and Empanadilla

There are superheroes on the big screen. And then there are day-to-day superheroes, who are the ones we like the most. Like Croquette and Empanadilla.

And they have come to accompany you throughout the course with their sympathy. Because the purpose of Empanadilla this year is to be more decisive and stop being empanada all day with the help of this agenda. The same can also go well for you …

Mark exams, job deliveries, doctors, but also meet up with your friends, trips or birthdays with the stacks of stickers included. Also, the diary has an inside pocket to keep papers and secrets. Can you think of better companions for the return?

If it is that the return to the routine is inevitable, but with agendas as cool as these, it is easier to put our best face on September, October, and everything that throws us in front of us! And if you are still not sure what you are going to do with all the opportunities that the new course brings you, we leave you some suggestions here.

Pssst! And don't tell anyone but… we have always liked this month of the year. He has that noséqué of comfort, of an old friend, and the electricity of having a whole year in front of us to carry out all those projects that put a silly smile on our faces.

# FulfillYourPurposes 🦜

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