VOX Fuente Álamo has presented a motion in plenary yesterday on aid to local hospitality that was approved unanimously.

It has been 9 months since we have all suffered the health and economic consequences of COVID-19 and some sectors are being more affected than others, and specifically the hotel industry, restaurants and nightlife are suffering an economic punishment that is already unbearable for most of them.

"The aids that have been put in place during this time are unnecessary, many businesses have seen their income reduced so drastically that their owners and families are having a really bad time," he said. the GM VOX Fuente Álamo spokesperson, Diego Jesús Martínez, who maintains: "VOX does not stand idly by in the face of the disastrous management of the pandemic by the Government or the improvisation of the rest of local groups."

The VOX Fuente Álamo proposals have been, on the one hand, to implement direct aid to the self-employed and their families who are in a more complicated situation, so that they receive an additional contribution of 75% of their expenses during the period that closures are prolonged. This measure would be retroactive from the beginning of the current closure and the curfew in the case of nightlife, and the maximum eligible amount approved is € 5,000, or 75% of the expenses incurred, that can be justified.

On the other hand, a reduction in municipal tax charges for businesses in general in our municipality is proposed, consisting of not charging them for tables on the terraces and a total discount on garbage collection rates.

“Finally, we ask that the regional government be urged to immediately call for a line of direct subsidies for freelancers and companies in these sectors that commit to maintaining employment, in order to finance fixed costs such as electricity, water, gas, maintenance, rentals, insurance, consulting or computer programs, among others ”, concluded the mayor.

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