The companies of the National Association of Estibadoras Companies (ANESCO) contracted in 2018 a total of 1,322,669 stevedoring daily wages -each salary is equivalent to 6 hours of work-, which represents 76.56% of the employment of stevedores generated in Spanish ports, according to a report prepared by ANESCO.

This figure represents an increase of 3.65% compared to the wages contracted by the companies associated with ANESCO in 2017, which highlights the positive evolution of employability in an industrial sector that is key in the economy of the country.

The report prepared by the employer concludes that the wages contracted by its associated companies equivalent to 5,745 stevedore jobs, out of the total of 7,550 stevedores currently in Spain.

Thus, the estimation made by the employer of the stowage also reveals that other business associations of the merchandise handling service they generated 6.28% of the employment and the remaining 17.16% of the jobs were created by companies that do not belong to any employer association of the stowage sector.

On the other hand, the Port Employment Centers and SAGEPs associated with ANESCO have 4,979 stevedores with permanent contracts, compared to the 6,439 that are part of the staff of the CPE's and SAGEP's, which represents a 77, 33% of the total.

The association with the highest representation in the stevedoring sector is associated with 37 maritime terminals in different ports of the Spanish port system and its companies employ more than 76% of the workers needed to provide the merchandise handling service (port stowage) of our port system.

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