The Armed Forces have supported food banks since the beginning of Operation Balmis

Among the prominent places and actions of the Armed Forces to support the most vulnerable people against the coronavirus, the transportation and distribution of food in Madrid stand out, where the Royal Guard collects food from the Food Bank of Alcalá de Henares and distributes it throughout the Community.

For its part, the Land Component Command does the same in Tenerife, while the Maritime Component Command continues to carry out these missions in Cádiz and San Fernando.

The military of the Logistics Group AALOG 41 have also collaborated in the distribution of tons of food from the Food Bank in nine nursing homes, between Zaragoza and other towns in the province.

Likewise, the Navy Battalion Barracks (TEAR and Tercio Sur) are also collaborating with small entities (soup kitchens) in San Fernando.

On the other hand, support continues to be provided with the distribution of food in the emergency centers / shelters installed within the framework of the ´Balmis´ operation, specifically in the Armilla, Badajoz, Valencia, Cádiz, FIRA Barcelona, ​​IFEMA ( Madrid), that of the Arganzuela, Melilla and Ferrol sports center. The latter began operating yesterday, thanks to the collaboration of the city council, the Port Authority and the Navy, which have set up a shelter for homeless people in Casa del Mar in record time.

All this collaboration is also part of the operation of the Ministry of Defense to combat and alleviate the effects of the coronavirus throughout the territory and serves for "the integration of the Armed Forces with Spanish society, of which they are part and which they serve", as highlighted by the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, in a letter sent to all the personnel of the Department and the Armed Forces.

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