The Army of the Air has collaborated in the device of extinction of the fires that began at the end of June in different points of the Spanish geography with a total of 51 performances, that represent 162 hours of flight and in which 609 loads have been sent of water to control the flames.

The 43rd Air Force Group, which maintains crews and planes throughout the year to act in case of forest fires, has intervened in 13 different outbreaks between June 26 and July 1.

One of its most intense interventions has taken place in the affected area between the Madrid municipalities of Cadalso de los Vidrios and Cenicientos, where the firefighters of the Air Force have flown 70 hours to carry out 271 water discharges in order to stop and control the fire.

Another area that has required greater involvement by the Air Force is affected by fire in the municipality of Torre del Español (Tarragona). Specifically, the aircraft have made 12 interventions, about 40 hours of flight and 95 loads of water to stop the flames.

Other supports for the population

The Air Force also provides other services to help the population related to the health field. Thus, the health personnel of the Medical Aeroevaración Unit (UMAER) has carried out in the first half of the year seven accompaniments in commercial flight or LTA for the transfer in the national territory of patients who were not serious and who could move by their own means.

In this same period, its specialized unit in Strategic Aeroevacuaciones abroad has made a total of 10 operations and more than 100 flight hours.

The Army of the Air makes these trips with a medicalized team and health personnel of the UMAER.

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