The event was marked by the dynamism of its format and the organization in two blocks.

The first block was a discussion table that dealt with responsibilities and lines of action, which was moderated by the journalist of Castilla y León TV, Sergio García Saseta, who was throwing questions to the Labor Accident Prosecutor of the Principality of Asturias, Enrique Valdés-Solís Iglesias and the Assistant Director General for the coordination of the Labor Relations System of the Labor and Social Security Inspection, Irene Marín Luengo. The table ended with questions that attendees had the opportunity to ask.

The second block was formed by a second table, of an informative nature, in which the current state of the External Prevention Services sector was addressed. The president of ASPA, Miguel-Santos Romón Mena made a sector diagnosis, followed by Luis García, a member of the Federation's Board of Directors, who explained the phase in which the III National Collective Agreement for the Prevention Services of Others is located. This block ended with the intervention of the manager of ASPA & ANEPA, Óliver Martín, who spoke of the deficit of health professionals, of concern for the sector, and of the search for solutions.

Rosa Santos Fernández, director of the employment, education, diversity and social protection department of CEOE closed the day.

Next, a lunch of associates took place, in a central Madrid restaurant.

“SPAs are the heart of prevention in Spain.

A mature, consolidated, stable sector, with a high degree of specialization and experience, which allows to provide a quality service and guarantees, based on people, and with a high level of satisfaction by the company, customers and workers. All this, together with the social value of our activity, of vital importance, is a unique contribution for the benefit of the entire Spanish society"

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