Madrid, November 5, 2020. – Condemn jihadist terrorism and send support to families of the victims of the latest attacks in France, Austria and Afghanistan. That is the objective of the institutional declaration promoted by VOX and that this Thursday will be approved by the Madrid Assembly.

The text also launches a message of solidarity with the "democratic rulers who are fighting terrorism with courage and are taking the necessary measures to defend citizens against terrorist barbarism" and shows the appreciation of the entire parliamentary arch and its recognition of the work of the Security Forces and Bodies "for their sacrificial and risky work."

"Likewise, we reaffirm our commitment to freedom and human rights and to all those communities and people who see them threatened by terrorist fanaticism," the statement also reads.

However, in a first version VOX also added its proposals to promote the reinforcement of security in churches and synagogues to protect the Jewish and Christian community – those especially attacked by radical Islamism – and to denounce to the Ministry of the Interior the imams that do not condemn radical Islamism or mosques where hate speech is spread. VOX also defended the freedom of education that would stop indoctrination in schools and the religious freedom that allows to preach the faith without being threatened and attacked for it.

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