Madrid, December 3, 2020. – "At VOX we are and will always be, without nuances, with the victims of terrorism, their recognition, dignity, and reparation." For this reason, the GPVOX in the Madrid Assembly has contributed to promoting an initiative to recognize all victims of terrorism equally, without distinctions between the failed autonomies.

Specifically, it is a modification of Law 5/2018, of October 17, for the protection, recognition and memory of victims of terrorism to extend the protection of rights to any victim who has suffered an attack in the Community from Madrid, even if it is not registered in the region. “There can be no differences between victims for autonomous administrative reasons that only cause painful discrimination. A matter like this must have a national harmonization, as VOX has always demanded ”, declared Pablo Gutiérrez de Cabiedes.

The VOX deputy defended that it is a transcendental issue since the treatment that a nation gives to people who have suffered the most serious attack that can be suffered "identifies a society." For this reason, he demanded that the left wing begin "by respecting the truth of all the victims."

"ETA has disappeared, but what has not disappeared is the coercion, the threat and the blackmail that many people continue to experience by their partners," Gutiérrez de Cabiedes lamented. And he concluded: "If you really care what the victims are, tell your Bildu partners to condemn the murders, ask for forgiveness and collaborate with the clarification of the crimes that remain unsolved."

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