The Association of Builders Promoters of Spain (APCEspaña) He has joined the CEOE Board of Directors. So far, the interests of APCEspaña were represented in the Spanish employers through the National Confederation of Construction (CNC).

APCEspaña has developed a positioning strategy to have a direct dialogue and be part of the executive bodies of CEOE, with the aim of defending the specific and specific interests of the Spanish real estate sector.

APCEspaña values ​​having a direct presence in CEOE very positively, which will result in make current real estate issues more visible and remember that The national real estate industry needs to adopt legislative measures on housing. In this regard, it is worth highlighting the improvement of the legal security of the sector and ending the current uncertainties, specifically, the necessary improvement of accessibility to housing, and especially of the youth group.

About APCE

The Association of Builders Promoters of Spain is the state organization representative of the interests of the promoter and builder business sector.

Founded in 1968, it is integrated into the National Confederation of Construction and, through said sectoral organization, is part of the CEOE, in which it groups business interests in housing and urban planning.

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