The businesswomen and directors of León already have a new group that represents them: Association of Women Entrepreneurs and Leonese Directors (ASELE), integrated in the Leonese Federation of Businessmen (Fele). This was announced this morning at the official presentation of the association by Luisa Amoedo, president of ASELE and Lola Rebollo, vice president. During the presentation they were accompanied by the president of Fele, Javier Cepedano.

The association was born with a very clear purpose: represent the group of businesswomen, directives and autonomous women; and promote their empowerment through the pursuit of professional equality, salary and family co-responsibility. In short, normalize the presence of women in the business and economic sphere of society, in all sectors and levels of responsibility, give visibility and transmit it in different social forums.

In addition, and as explained by the president of ASELE, Luisa Amoedo, this initiative will provide women entrepreneurs and directors of the province with the "visibility, strength and representativeness required by local, regional and national institutions." For example, to articulate the business position on equal opportunities in the field of collective bargaining and social dialogue, and to transfer to the Governing Bodies of the CEOE.

Amoedo has also stressed that one of the values ​​on which the organization is built is the desire for integration and not for exclusion, and that the objective is to form an association in which to integrate everyone, to "attract talent without gender". " In this sense, ASELE encourages men and women to participate who share the values ​​of equality in the workplace.

The collective, led by Luisa Amoedo (Chemist and plant manager of mAbxience in León) and Lola Rebollo (engineer, entrepreneur and independent consultant) is also made up of women and directors of the province with extensive experience in various economic sectors.

Atlantic Axis of Businesswomen and Directors

With the birth of ASELE, the businesswomen and directors of León also enter to be part of the Atlantic axis, a collective that groups associations of businesswomen from Galicia, Cantabria, the Basque Country, Asturias, Navarra and León. This Hub represents women entrepreneurs from the northwest of the peninsula in order to speed up their incorporation to the boards of companies, encourage women to create and run their own societies and empower them.

For this reason, one of the first actions of the newly constituted association is to represent León Este Saturday 1 June in 'The first day of the Atlantic Axis', an initiative promoted by FEDA (Federation of entrepreneurs and directors of Asturias) with the aim of gathering the knowledge, entrepreneurship and talent of the women of the Hub, making it available to society through the activities developed in the coming years and thus contribute to generating wealth in their territories.

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