The work addresses practical legal aspects of the profession such as taxation, Social Security or the copyright of these creators

The Author Institute just published the Legal and practical guide for choreographers and their dance companies, of Eva Moraga Guerrero,specialist lawyer in the dance sector. The work is aimed at those who want to be choreographers and create their own dance company or who, already being so, need clear guidance on the essential professional aspects for the successful development of their profession. In addition, it offers a complete overview of the key elements in the career and trajectory of choreographers, from their training to the concrete steps they must take to dedicate themselves professionally to it.

Throughout its pages, all the legal aspects of the profession are explained in detail, including taxation, Social Security and copyright; as well as all the phases of the work of the choreographer and a dance company: production, distribution, financing, marketing and promotion, the dissemination and development of audiences and the conservation and preservation of their work.

It is the fourth volume of the collection " Legal guides of the cultural industries", Edited by the Author Institute, integrated by the "Legal and financial Guide of Music in Spain" (2014); the "Legal and Financial Guide to the Performing Arts" (2012) and the "Legal and film financing guide in Spain"(2011).

The official presentation of the guide will take place this coming July 4th (11:30 am) at the Room of the Mural of the Palace of the Madraza (Granada), within the framework of International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada,one of the most important cultural events and one of the most traditional festivals within Spanish territory.

They will intervene:

Eva Moraga Guerrero(the author)

Jorge Sánchez Somolinos(Manager of the Scenic Arts Department of the SGAE)

Álvaro Díez Alfonso(Coordinator of the Author Institute)


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