The Automotive Board promoted by the Government is constituted

In his welcome speech, Reyes Maroto pointed out that "this Table is important in the face of the automotive recovery and promotion plan, it is key to defining driving projects that allow us to scale up initiatives that strengthen the competitiveness of our industry." Likewise, it has highlighted the importance of the role of both the Autonomous Communities in the development of the Plan to Promote the entire Value Chain of the Automotive Sector and the productive sectors to develop investments in the automotive sector.

Subsequently, the European Commissioner for the Internal Market, Thierry Breton, spoke on the initiative of the Ministry to convene the meeting and recalled the role of the European Commission during the coronavirus crisis: "Automotive has been one of the first sectors to benefit, but we have to do more, make sure that all countries can get ahead with the same capacity to intervene in the economic fabric and with fair rules of the game. We also have to preserve the integrity of the internal market and also the competitiveness of the European automotive sector, which is jeopardized by the additional costs of social distancing ".

Breton stressed that the response to the crisis must be "European and solidary" and has mentioned the plan "Next Generation EU", which he has described as "ambitious and historical" in some aspects: "We are in the needs assessment phase at the ecosystem level, the Commission is not going to pre-accept any amount by sector, it is the countries that have to define reactivation plans that will have to be presented before October. From there, the Commission, in dialogue with the countries, will assess whether they are in line with the semester's objectives, so that the impact of national plans on the internal market is more than just a sum. "

The commissioner has positively valued the Promotion Plan for the entire Automotive Industry Value Chain -recently presented by the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez- and the initiatives integrated in the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan, and has indicated that the The Commission's objective is to continue developing the model of industrial alliances to boost innovation with added value: "In the case of batteries and plastics, it has given good results, and we can extend it to the case of hydrogen."

Lastly, he described the Bureau held today as a "promising" initiative, and suggested that other Member States draw inspiration from it.

Subsequently, the Secretary General for Industry and SMEs of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism, Raül Blanco, and the Secretary of State for Energy of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, Sara Aagesen, presented the attendees in 'Plan Boost to the entire value chain of the Automotive Sector ', and a turn of interventions was opened.

The participants have agreed to formally set up the Bureau, as well as working and discussion groups, in order to define projects of a European nature.

Councilors and vice-councilors for industry, economy or business of the Autonomous Communities, and representatives of the automotive sector associations (ANFAC, FACONAUTO, SERNAUTO, GANVAM, AEDIVE, ANESDOR) and of union centers (CCOO, UGT-FICA and USO).

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